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We know how unsettling it can be to read the news and realize that some of those stories you hear could be you, those you love, or your place of business. We also understand that people have a strong desire for personal protection yet oftentimes feel ill prepared for these events that are becoming increasingly more common. It seems like it is daily that we read or hear about home invasions, active shooters, or other acts of violence.

Forward Movement Training was founded upon the concept of helping good people become opponents and not victims. Although, our most sincere hope is that you never need to use the training you receive we know you will feel more confident in your ability to react in the proper way which could increase survivability for you, your family, your loved ones, or employees.

The FMT membership program is a great way to get monthly training tailored to your meet your goals as a self-defender.

*FMT requires a 30-day notice to cancel a membership.