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The options below are for non-members who will be charged at time of check-out for the Simulator Session or UTM Session.

Non-Member VirTra Simulator $99 per appointment Purchase required to enroll

One hour of private training utilizing our Shooting Simulator. This is not a video game! Our clients work on Safety, Fundamentals of marksmanship, Speed, Accuracy, and Lethal Force Decision Making.

An FMT Instructor is with you the entire time and you'll be able to test your shooting skills and knowledge of the laws surrounding a deadly force encounter.

The Simulator is an Award Winning system that is the industry leader in virtual lethal force decision making!

Check out the AMAZING training value of our Instructor led simulator, TODAY!

If you choose to sign up for one of our memberships following your session (before you leave!), we will apply the money you spent on your session to your first months memberships dues!